Apealea® is a cancer medicine used to treat women with cancer
of the ovary or surrounding structures
(the fallopian tube that connects the ovary to the womb, or the peritoneum,
the membrane that lines the abdomen).
Apealea® is given along with a platinum-based medicine,
carboplatin, to patients whose disease responds
to platinum-based cancer medicines
and has come back after initial treatment.
Apealea® contains the active substance paclitaxel.

XR17 Technology Platform

Ovarian cancer

Cancer of the ovaries or fallopian tubes is a serious disease that often leads to death if it is detected late and metastases have formed. The early symptoms are non-specific and vague, leading to a disease that is difficult to diagnose. The overall occurrence of new cases globally is between 5 – 15 cases per 100,000 individuals.2 In Western Europe and the US, the incidence is between 6 – 8 cases per 100,000.3 Almost 300,000 women are estimated to develop the disease each year worldwide, of which approximately 700 cases in Sweden.4

* source: https://www.oasmia.com/en/market-human-health/