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Immunomic Therapeutics selected as a key player of COVID-19 vaccine development

- The development of three types of COVID-19 vaccines is underway and animal testing is in the final stages.


Analytical Research Cognizance (ARC), a global market research firm, analyzed Immunomic Therapeutics (ITI) as one of the Global Key Vacuum players in the “COVID-19 Vaccine Pipeline Assessment 2020” released on August 14. There are a total of 36 companies mentioned in the report, including University of Oxford and Sanofi Pasteur/GSK, Janssen Pharmaceuticals and Moderna, which are currently drawing attention.


Regarding the ITI's vaccine development mentioned in the ARC report, an official at HLB said, "The ITI, recognized as one of the world's top companies in the vaccine field, started developing the COVID-19 vaccine in March, and since then, with the addition of several prestigious companies, it has been speeding up its vaccine development," adding, "ITI is currently developing a total of three types of vaccine candidate materials, including those using its own vaccine platform UNITE and those jointly developed by a European partner's research institute based on UNITE, and is currently in the final stages of animal testing."

Dr. William Hearl, CEO of ITI, said, "We have been able to induce a strong immune response from all candidate materials so far, and after the final result analysis, we will select one of the three vaccine candidate materials to start clinical trials for people," adding, "We plan to increase vaccine effectiveness and improve production efficiency by applying Replicate Bio Science's self-replicating RNA platform technology, which we recently acquired a stake in."

"We expect that the combination of ITI's UNITE platform and RNA treatment platform technology will increase the possibility of developing strong treatments," a HLB official said. "The main thing that ITI is developing is not only targeting prevention and treatment but also designing and developing vaccines to cope with various virus mutations."


Immunomic Therapeutics was named the best vaccine company at the World Vaccine Congress in 2018, and has since been nominally the best vaccine company every year.

UNITE is a powerful next-generation vaccine platform technology that can be used in cancer, allergies and other infectious diseases by targeting certain antigen sources and enhancing the function of immune cells. In addition, ITI has developed candidate antibodies for next-generation immuno-cancer drugs since PD1/PDL1 based on UNITE and is now speeding up commercialization.



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