Author : adminDate : 2020-01-06 15:48

Elevar to Establish 'Neolevar' and to participate in JP Morgan Healthcare (1/6/2020)


- Elevar to Establish a joint company, ‘Neolevar’ with Neopharma (2019.12.30)

- Elevar to participate in JP Morgan Healthcare (2020.1.13 ~ 1.16)

The Dubai government tentatively accepted the establishment of Neolevar (Neolevar FZ-LLC) from Elevar and Neopharma.

- The approval that was planned to take 3~4 weeks from the document submission in November was postponed due to the delay of the administrative procedure.

- A corporation establishment in Dubai is a two-step process with obtaining the operating license after the approval of the establishment.

- Neolevar has been approved by the Dubai government for one year to establish a corporation and will submit a Non-Clinical Operating Permit (NOP) with including the corporate design, facility inspection, health, safety, and environment for the operating license. The NOP is then renewed every two years.

- With Neolevar, HLB will expand its business field by establishing a distribution network of Rivoceranib in early stages in the MENA&INDIA region as well as operating multiple cooperative relationships with Neopharma.

Elevar was invited to participate in the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference 2020 in San Francisco from January 13th to 16th.

- JP Morgan Healthcare Conference is the world’s biggest healthcare conference with the participation of global pharmaceutical, healthcare firms and the investment enterprises every year since 1983.

- The conference introduces the company’s pipeline against global healthcare firms and presents a variety of businesses, including investment attraction and research collaboration. More than 9000 people from 450 companies are expected to participate in the event.

- Alex Kim (CEO) and Kate Mckinley (Vice President of marketing) will participate and proceed with the meeting with global pharmaceutical firms on behalf of Elevar Therapeutics.

- With demonstrating the efficacy of new drugs and the ability to develop new drugs through Rivoceranib’s global clinical phase 3, Elevar expects many business opportunities through the upcoming conference.

Work may be later than expected, regardless of the company's efforts and will, as in Neolevar, which was expected to be approved by the UAE government in early December. However, what the company has professed has always been and certainly will continue to do so. Please stay informed.

Wishing you a Happy New Year with the hope that you will have many blessings in the year to come.