Author : adminDate : 2019-12-09 16:08

Contents related to Rivoceranib's Major Anti-Cancer Mechanism (11/13/2019)

We would like to introduce about contents related to Rivoceranib's major anti-cancer mechanism from Yonhap News Agency article "How cancer cells proliferate away from immune reaction" in November 13th.

According to a study, unlike normal T cell, marginal T cell to cancer has high percentage of VEGFR-2 expression and suppresses the function of the cell through the following signal transaction pathway.

Rivoceranib inhibits the growth of tumor by blocking VEGFR-2 and through the following study, we expect the increase of the immuno-oncology effect by controlling the suppression of T cell functions.

A study from Korean scientists provides a scientific basis about phase 3 clinical trial through an ongoing combination therapy of Rivoceranib + PD-1 inhibitor, targeting the primary liver cancer market entry.

Link: https://www.yna.co.kr/view/AKR20191113055200063?section=local/daejeon-chungnam-sejong/index (Written in Korean)